DR. Dr. Gitalisa Andayani, SpM(K)Imaging of PCVPecatu Hall 1, 2Speaker14:45-15:0023 February 2024APAO® 2024
Dr. Referano Agustiawan, SpM(K)Vitrectomy vs Anti-VEGF for Vitreous Hemorrhage from PDRPecatu Hall 1, 2Speaker12:15-12:3023 February 2024APAO® 2024
Dr. Referano Agustiawan, SpM(K)Complex Vitreoretinal Injury: Complexities in Diagnosis and InterventionKintamani 1Speaker10:10-10:2025 February 2024APAO® 2024
Dr. Adelina T. Poli, M.Kes, SpMVisual Functional Parameters to Measure Quality of LifeUluwatu 2Speaker09:00-09:1222 February 2024APAO® 2024
Dr. Afrisal Hari Kurniawan, SpM(K)Pathological Myopia: Vitreoretinal Point of ViewKintamani 2Speaker09:48-10:0022 February 2024APAO® 2024
Dr. Afrisal Hari Kurniawan, SpM(K)Panel DiscussionKintamani 3Speaker11:48-12:2825 February 2024APAO® 2024
Dr. Alia Arianti, SpMThe One With Frozen EyeKintamani 7Speaker09:48-10:0023 February 2024APAO® 2024
Dr. Andi Pratiwi, M.Kes, SpMRetinoblastoma-Net Multidisciplinary Meeting: A Changing Paradigm Experience From Eastern IndonesiaKintamani 3Speaker11:32-11:4022 February 2024APAO® 2024
Dr. Damara Andalia, SpMTroubleshooting of Visual Problems: Ectasia After Lasik ComplicationUluwatu 2Speaker10:00-10:1222 February 2024APAO® 2024
Dr. Dyah Tjintya Sarika, SpMSurgical Reconstruction of the Eyelid After Wide Excision of Sebaceous Cell CarcinomaKintamani 3Speaker09:56-10:0424 February 2024APAO® 2024

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