Retina Fellowship program are clinical 6 months program which provides comprehensive training of both medical and surgical with 6 months of each period.

The program will allow participants to enhance their knowledge both for medical management and also surgical management for retina cases.

Fellows will be given the opportunity to participate and assist in the operating room and outpatient ward under the supervision from the member of Retina Department JEC eye Hospitals.

The goal of this program is at the conclusion of the fellowship, the graduate will feel comfortable diagnosing and managing all aspects of medical and surgical retina cases.

We welcome you to further explore our program and find out what makes JEC Academy a fantastic place to train.


Dr. Elvioza, SpM(K) - Service Head

Dr. Soedarman Sjamsoe, SpM(K)

DR. Dr. Waldensius Girsang, SpM(K)

DR. Dr. Gitalisa Andayani, SpM(K)

Dr. Referano Agustiawan, SpM(K)

DR. Dr. Cosmos O. Mangunsong, SpM(K)

Dr. Ferdiriva Hamzah, SpM(K)

Dr. Soefiandi Soedarman, SpM(K)

Dr. Wahyu Kartika Andayani, SpM

Dr. Martin Hertanto, SpM

Dr. Mario Marbungaran Hutapea, SpM(K)

Dr. Joshua PF Lumbantobing, SpM

Dr. King Hans Kurnia, SpM

Dr. Melita Suwan Djaja, SpM

Dr. Elyas Aditya Pradana, SpM

Dr. Astriviani Switania Sari Dirgahayu, SpM


JEC @ Kedoya

JEC @ Menteng

JEC-Primasana @ Tj. Priok


6 Month

Number of position / year

2 every 6 months*

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